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Commercial & 
Corporate Law

Commercial and corporate law is diverse and exciting too equal. Since every trading company is different, the contact with other areas of law is always different. Each industry has its own rules, so each mandate is a challenge that we gladly accept.

We are there from the founding of your company to the dissolution and offer individual solutions to your corporate law issues. This can go beyond the choice of the legal form for your company, to the structure of your company contracts to the advice of corporate bodies on specific issues.



As one of the economically strongest EU countries, Germany is an ideal choice for foreign investors who want to start a new business here. NRW is one of the most popular locations for company founders.

We advise both domestic and foreign investors on the foundation and offer a full service in cooperation with a tax consultant, so that you have everything from one source, without having to look for many different Jobs.

A fair price - for both sides - is important to us.


for Start Ups

Germany is a country of founders. State institutions focus on start-ups and offer numerous funding opportunities.

After Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia is the most popular state for start-ups. Every seventh start-up is founded here.


On the way to being self-employed as an entrepreneur, we would like to accompany you, as we see ourselves as a support in the start-up phase. In particular, for founders who have an idea, but do not know how to properly implement it, because the rules are not understood or simply overlooked, a legal advice is essential.

Residence & 
Migration Law

If a company is set up in Germany, the question may also arise as to whether immigration should take place in Germany.

Such questions can arise, for example, in the context of business immigration. It can also often happen that you want to send managers or, for example, employees from your home country to Germany.

In addition to these topics, questions of immigration law may also arise after entering Germany.

Turkey Desk

As a law firm we accompany German companies who want to invest in Turkey. We are also there for Turkish companies who want to establish themselves in the German and European economic area.

Both countries are linked by long friendly relations. O.Law works with colleagues from Turkey, who offer competent legal advice in a professional and transparent way.

We speak German, Turkish and English fluently and have a double cultural background.




Quarrel can unfortunately not always be avoided.

Economic disputes are characterized by a high degree of complexity and have a significant impact on the companies and individuals concerned. They therefore require a legally competent, experienced and efficient representation.

In the event of a dispute, our clients have the expertise of the team at their side.

Civil Law



Legal work is always accompanied by questions of civil law.

For example, there are questions of contract design, which can also go significantly to the creation of the correct terms and conditions.


Also, topics such as tenancy law, traffic accident law, purchase law or damage compensation law can be important.


We are ready to answer these questions.

Tax Advice




Tax law issues almost co-exist with commercial law issues.

Based on this experience, O.Law has a cooperation with a tax consultant, who supports our clients with competent and

reliable tax advice.

Contact us regarding this topic.